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    Contact us
    Ming Fat Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. Nanjing
    TEL: (025) 58259528 FAX: (025) 58259335
    Nanjing Pukou District Pearl River Industrial Park (Wei 3 Road)
    Zip Code: 211800
    Products >> Masonry mortar
    Mortar M101

    Product features: excellent adhesion, plasticity and viscous resistance, good construction can improve the operating performance
    Application: Suitable for indoor and outdoor and all kinds of autoclaved aerated concrete block masonry
    Standard: Product quality in line with current national standards: JC890 - 2001
    Construction Description:
    1, first the right amount of fresh water into the container, then slowly add flour stirring 3 to 5 minutes, stir the paste into a uniform dough can be.
    2, the proposed ratio: powder: water = 1:0.16 ~ 0.20
    Note: This product is a cement-based, exchange water and must be used within 3 hours.
    Packaging: 50 kg / bag
    Shelf life: Store in a cool dry place, not unsealed products can be stored for 3 months.
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