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    Products >> Thermal Insulation Surface
    Thermal Insulation Surface (MA32)

    1, and EPS or XPS extruded polystyrene board board (insulation board) and strong bonding;
    2, flexible, and can be resistant to temperature induced volume change, on the insulation board system to play the role of good protection, impact resistance, resistance to cracking, anti-freeze, anti-aging;
    3, energy saving, indoor winter heat, summer and wall insulation;
    4, the construction simple fast exchange water is used.

    EPS insulation board dedicated to systems engineering (expanded polystyrene foam board), XPS board (extruded polystyrene insulation board), expanded perlite board and other light sheet finishing enhanced layer.

    Standard: Product quality in line with current national standards: JG149-2003.

    Treating surface: surface layer of insulation board to complete the 24 hours after paste, solid, clean, no oil, dust and other produce isolation media.

    Construction Description:
    1, first amount of fresh water into the mixing container, then slowly adding MA32 powders, using an electric mixer (power 750W, speed 500r / m) and stir the glue evenly without dough, place three to five minutes and then mixing time can be
    2, paving the insulation board and to anchors fixed after the board over brush "MingFa" multi-purpose interface treatment agent MW12, dry interface treatment agent to be sticky, the full batch of an insulation board finishing mortar, while will be covered with mesh fabric and compaction, and then awarded a full wipe surface insulation board covered with sand and smooth the grid;
    3, the proposed ratio: powder: water = 1:0.09 ~ 0.21

    1, suitable for +5 degrees Celsius to +35 degrees C environment, construction, daily photo and avoid strong rain;
    2, this product is cement-based, post-exchange water to be used within 2 hours, remember to put the mortar has dried after mixing with water;
    3, This product contains cement, water will produce an alkaline reaction, please use care to protect the skin and eyes.
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