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    Products >> Thermal insulation mortar
    Thermal insulation mortar (MA31)

    1, and EPS or XPS extruded polystyrene board board (insulation board) and strong bonding;
    2, anti-down, early high strength, anti-freeze, anti-aging;
    3, energy saving, indoor winter heat, summer and wall insulation;
    4, the construction simple fast exchange water is used.

    Applicable within a solid wall formation (eg: concrete, light brick, sand and cement mortar scratchy brick wall surface, etc.), cold floors, roof insulation and indoor sound system, basic plate bonding. EPS insulation board dedicated to systems engineering (expanded polystyrene foam board), XPS board (extruded polystyrene insulation board), lightweight expanded perlite board, foam moldings, etc. with cement mortar, concrete surface wall bond.

    Standard: Product quality in line with current national standards: JG149-2003.

    Treating surface:
    Base surface be strong, rough, no void, no oil or release agent; base level of moss required to eradicate the use of steel brushes, with 2m-foot test, the maximum deviation should be less than 4mm, or should be carried out in advance by mortar leveling; If the primary absorbent too, half an hour in advance watering moist, grass-roots level should not be out before the construction of water.

    Construction Description:
    1, first amount of fresh water into the mixing container, then slowly adding MA31 powder using an electric mixer (power 750W, speed 500r / m) and stir the glue evenly without dough, place 3 to 5 minutes and then stirring one can
    2, can be full of construction adhesive or a way point box, paste brush again prior to be "MingFa" multi-purpose interface paste effect after treatment agent MW12 better insulation board to order the wrong joint paving on the wall, allowing time to adjust location and formation;
    3, the proposed ratio: powder: water = 1:0.09 ~ 0.21

    1, suitable for +5 degrees Celsius to +35 degrees C environment, construction, daily photo and avoid strong rain;
    2, this product is cement-based, post-exchange water to be used within 2 hours, remember to put the mortar has dried after mixing with water;
    3, This product contains cement, water will produce an alkaline reaction, please use care to protect the skin and eyes.
    Packing: 25 kg / bag
    Normal dosage: 3 to 4 kg / square meter (depending on the actual amount of wall roughness and requirements)

    Shelf life: Store in a cool dry place, not unsealed products can be stored for 6 months
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